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The New International Entrepreneurs Course!

International Entrepreneurship (IE) is an online course targeted towards students of entrepreneurship who plan to either start a business or become involved with entrepreneurial ventures across the world, who have either already done so, or looking to start one right now, or at some future point in their careers. The course is meant to help students evaluate and analyze international opportunities in their capacity as:

  • Founders of or early hires in, international ventures
  • Investors in, or advisors to, international ventures
  • Potential partners or acquirers of international ventures, i.e., as managers in large, established companies that are looking to grow internationally
  • Consultants

There are no experts here, we are all learning about International Entrepreneurship.

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."
- Winston S. Churchill

Ultimately, this course will seek to be a massive resource for Entrepreneurs & students of entrepreneurship in the international context.

We may explore differences among national contexts which create specific types of entrepreneurial opportunities which may happen in any country, therefore, we believe that this course is very relevant to all of the above careers in any and every country in the world.


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